Monday, March 12, 2012

3 Factors to a Healthy Body

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This article is an introductory of a series of articles about effective ways of losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy body.

The 3 main topics are:

o Healthy Diet

o Exercise and other related activities

o Well rested body

A healthy diet is about eating the right food at the right quantities at the right time of the day. It means that each time of the day, there are foods that can make you fat or give you a less nutritional value. Eating habits also fall on this category. Bad eating habits consist of not eating on time. This may cause certain disease. The most common disease resulting from this bad eating habit is ulcer.

Exercise and other related activities are needed by the body to regulate and maintain the full functionality of our muscles and joints. Atrophy will result if we don't use them. However, this condition seldom happens to us since we regularly move. This only happens to coma patients or people who haven't move for a long time. Our goal in exercising is not to prevent atrophy but to keep our body in tip top shape. Two people having the same weight may not have the same strength. Think of a 200 pound couch potato with his body consisting of 80% fat, then think of a 200 pound wrestler with 80% of his body consist of well developed muscles. Which do you think is stronger?

A well rested body is the very important. Going through energy sapping exercises without resting would only harm the body. The goal of having a physically fit body would not be met. In fact, it would oppose the idea of making us healthy. Over fatigue, muscle soreness and weakening of the immune system would be one of its many side effects. Over exertion and sleep deprivation is a no no.

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